The guest bedrooms were revealed Sunday night on The Block, and finally, the judges all agreed that every team have found their style.

The teams were paired up with an all-star couple for the challenge which meant we saw some different style elements and choices. The judges were generally impressed with what each team delivered, but industry experts have some different opinions.

Colour palette:  “This room is so fresh and tranquil with a muted colour palette drawn from nature and, although the styling is very well considered, I think the bed is looking a little unloved,” says Sarah Elshaug from Maitland Street Interiors. “I’d add a few cushions and contrasting linen to bring out accent colours and add texture.”

Lighting: “The wall lights chosen are subtle and complement the scheme well with the brass fittings matching the robe handles, creating cohesiveness in the space,” says Elshaug.

Styling and design: Elshaug loves the tranquil retreat this room creates. “I do love the subtle wallpaper in place of artwork to add character and depth to the room, while allowing the other design elements to shine,” she says. “I’m not sold on the console in the bedroom.  It is styled beautifully, but is it a practical piece of furniture for a bedroom?”

Much to the surprise of no-one, Mitch and Mark again presented a different room – the master suite. Lauren Li from Sisilla says their Hollywood glam styling comes with a few issues. “What relevance does a 1950s aesthetic bring to a 1850s building?” she says. “There needs to be another reason other than ‘I like it’ to insert a style from another era.”

Lighting:  “The scale of the pendant light works well with the tall ceilings, however the bedside lamps are terrible,” says Li. “The shiny silver base and white shade looks cheap, not glamorous.”

Styling: “The painting is blah,” says interior designer Camilla Molders. “The styling upon the console doesn’t help, and makes the console area look tacky.” Li agrees. “The mirrors are a disaster, they look totally out of place and more like the type of mirror you’d find at an RSL that was renovated in 2005,” she says.

Colour palette: “In terms of the blue colour scheme, it’s a smart choice as blue is the most popular colour,” says Li. “A pale gold or white linen would have worked much better.”

Design: Suzanne Gorman from Studio Gorman believes the feature art in this room can be polarising for buyers. “I can’t help but agree with Shaynna that the curved brushstrokes across the portrait really is off-putting – it just shouldn’t be coming from the mouth.”

Colour palette: “El’ise and Matt have successfully created a strong jewelled palette which, while bold, has a softness,” she says. “The plums, greens and soft apricots from the feature wall were repeated in the bedhead and linen, creating a harmonious palette.”

Function:  “The concept of the PM wardrobe in a home is genius and most women would absolutely love a dedicated place to keep all of their after-five wear,” she says.

Design: The wooden panelling in Tess and Luke’s room was a hit with the judges as well as with Elshaug. “It adds warmth and texture to create a cocooning feeling in this moody guest room,” she says. “I’d like to see it continue seamlessly from floor to ceiling, rather than breaking it with the horizontal timber line.”

Lighting: “These pendants are way too high,” says Elshaug. “Ideally pendants should float above the bedside tables to allow maximum light for reading in bed. However, as these wire pendants are so broad they would be oversized if hung lower.”

Styling:  “This is a sophisticated room with beach house styling, so it totally misses the mark for me,” says Elshaug. “I’m not sold on the ‘New York’-style ottoman either – it’s a little too kitsch and oversized for the room,” she says.

Colour palette: “Jesse and Mel have created a contemporary and understated luxury feel to the bedroom that is pure simplicity by using a single rich jewel tone of very much on-trend plum across all their linen,” says Gorman.

Lighting:  “The bedside lights are a beautiful style choice that work seamlessly to enhance their understated luxe style,” she says. “However, I would have liked to see the lights positioned more subtly by placing them lower and to the side of the bed, centred on each side panel of the bedhead wall. “

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Finishes:  “The finish of the robes is refined and beautifully executed and the rich dark timber contrasted against soft white walls enhances the luxury feel  of the room,” says Gorman.

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