Study lamps are a necessity whether you are a student, bachelor, working adult, or in your late adulthood or old age. As a student, the last minute, late-night exam preparations are common, which makes the study table lamps a crucial part of student life. When you are a bachelor sharing room with your roommates, there will be times when you will have to work late at night on your laptop while your roommate would be sleeping. At times like these, just relying on the laptop screen’s light is not a good option. 

in such instances, neglecting the use of desk lamps is not good idea. Reading in dark or dim light causes strain in the eyes, which will result in the stressing of eye muscles. This could lead to a heavy feeling in your eyes and/or head. Choosing the right kind of desk lamps is daunting. There are so many options available, both online and in-store and all of them tend to be good enough to buy.

There could be specific parameters on which you would want to buy a study lamp – it could be based on cost, usage/purpose, or technical specifications. Before buying, make sure you jot down the points and make sure to have the budgets and specifications from your end noted down. Also, there are different kinds of lights based on the temperature usually measured in Kelvin (K) – on a scale of warmer light to whitish clear light. Make sure you check these out as this will help you in choosing the right kind of desk lamp.

Here is a list of some of the best study lamp for eyes in India. The study lamp should not cause any ill-effects on the eyes and also be functionally-rich. This list presents the best study lamps in India. Choose the one which seems to match your criteria of options.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient lamp then you don’t have to look any further. Wipro has been in the market for more than 70 years and many Indians have trusted the products.

The Wipro Garnet LED Table lamp is one of the best study lamps for eyes as it provides 3 light options – cool daylight, neutral white light, and warmer light. With these options, you can set the lamp light based on the surrounding lighting. The lamp has a flexible stem with 6 Watts LED bulbs that are energy-efficient. It has a touch switch and is very compact. Therefore, if you tend to have a messy table or just too many things lying on, it won’t be a problem as this study lamp requires very little space and can fit easily. 

The only negative about this study lamp is that it requires a power outlet. In case of a blackout or no electricity, this lamp won’t be of any help. So before choosing this, make sure to note this point as well.

One of the most common brands in Indian families for electronic appliances has to be Philips surely. The products are trusted by many and have become one of the integral parts of Indian homes.

This LED Desk light saves energy consumption as it only consumes 5 Watts. It saves about 80% more than average regular bulbs. The LED bulb provides cool daylight. As for the physical appearance, the desk lamp comes with a single color that is simple yet elegant. Although the stick of the lamp isn’t as flexible as others, the tip can be adjusted accordingly based on the lighting needs.

Also, note that this doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery and requires a power outlet. So in case, if your house has frequent electricity cuts or shortage, then you might have to rethink upon choosing this lamp. Elsewise, this Philips lamp makes it to the top best study lamps for eyes in India.

When it comes to best study lamps, this one surely checks in the list. Not only does this come up in the list of best study lamps for eyes, but it also has a clip to hold the thing you are reading. This is an add on in the ergonomics and design of portable study lamps. This lamp can be a perfect companion to readers and bookworms out there!

It does have a chargeable battery, which will give you about 40 hours of light by just charging it for 2 hours. The overcharge protection in this lamp ensures that the device doesn’t consume more than the required capacity, not only ensuring safety but is also energy-efficient. It contains 9 LED bulbs that are horizontally placed, and they can be adjusted according to the type of lighting you need. For highest brightness, 9 LED bulbs, for a bit of mild warm light, 4 LED bulbs, and white daylight, 5 LED bulbs – this gives about three lighting options to choose from, thus not giving much eye-strain. Moreover, it is quite flexible and handy to use.

This book cum study table lamp might seem a bit pricey considering that there is no warranty on the product. However, it is quite handy and flexible to use for purposes like reading.

If you are a student living in a hostel or PG and sharing a room with other people, you would be aware of the difference in people’s needs. Some sleep early, while some sleep late. And things keep moving here and then. At times like these, you surely wouldn’t want a bulky and stiff study lamp that will only make it even harder.

This is another clip-type lamp design but looks quite different from the one mentioned above. It comes with a long USB cable so that, in case the power source is at a farther distance, you wouldn’t need an extension board to use. It’s flexible and produces light that is best suited for people who read or work late at night. It can be easily attached to books or desk or laptop screens – thus solving most of your needs!

When it comes to the build and the looks, the hose of this table desk lamp might be a little troublesome for a few. But the design is simple and the clip-on fits great on thin surfaces.

This table lamp has a little bit of old vintage lamp styles. However, it also comes with an added feature – an attached pen/paper holder. Yes! There will be times when you might just keep your things scattered and then, the next day; you’ll not be sure where it was and end up borrowing from others. This table lamp is not only good with the lighting but also helps in organizing stationery things. With this, it is also a convenient tool while studying – pens, papers, sticky notes, etc. – all within a hand’s reach.

The lamp runs on about 5 Watts and provides ample light for reading. This is lightweight and compact, thus not eating much of your tablespace. It is a multi-utility table lamp because you can keep your stationery items like pens, pencils, paper in the storage stand that is attached to it.

Since it is quite light in weight, you need to be extra sure about its placement and make sure it doesn’t fall off easily from the height.

This study lamp is more like a portable lamp kit, which can be used as an emergency light as well because of its design and ergonomics. When not in use, it can be closed in the shape of a box and kept aside. While in use, it comes with a battery backup and gives out good illumination for purposes like reading, emergency lights, etc.

It also has a power outlet for AC power source too. So that’s a big plus point. This is handy, flexible, and can be folded and stored – making this quite useful for small desks or while traveling. It has an elegantly simple design and doesn’t compromise the durability and bulb of the product. 

The study lamp should not cause any ill-effects on the eyes and also be functionally-rich. Our list presents the best study lamps available in India. Choose the one which seems to match your criteria of options.

We tested various lamps and curated the list based on it. From our experience, we found Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp to be best among all. Check our detailed review with pros and cons to decide which to go for.

Throughout the phases, from students to working adults, there is always a need for having a desk lamp that doesn’t harm the eyes, especially during hours with no day-light. Exposing yourself to constant bright blue light at night times or very dim light can cause eye-strains, which might result as an unhealthy option. Moreover, it is important to rest the eyes after the long daily chores with calm, relaxing lights. Whether you are studying late at night for your exam or working on a laptop to complete your office deadlines, having a desk lamp is necessary.

Before choosing on best study lamp for eyes in India make sure that it matches all your requirements and carefully buy the product after cross-checking. With this list of some of the best study lamps in India, hopefully, the task of choosing the study table lamp is done. Now, you will just have to buy it.

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