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SIOUX FALLS, SD– Whether you’re going for a jog on a treadmill, pumping iron, or doing some extra crunches to shape up your abs. They all do a great job of raising your heart rate. That’s a critical component to any worthwhile workout because an elevated heart rate helps you lose weight, burn fat and hopefully, live longer. Getting your heart rate in the optimal “orange” zone is the focus of every Orangetheory workout. But that’s only one of five zones they monitor. Orangetheory Fitness shares what the heart rate zones are all about and how they help you get the most from your workout.

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SIOUX FALLS, SD-- There's been a lot of debate lately on the news about the importance of keeping kids up-to-date on their childhood immunizations. In fact, children who haven't been vaccinated have been blamed for recent outbreaks of both measles and whooping cough around the country. Avera Health shares what shots your children may need before they head back to school in the fall and why now is the perfect time to make that appointment.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) -- Hot temperatures are making their way into KELOLAND, meaning an increased risk for heat exhaustion.

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