TOTOWA, N.J—Canare has launched three new Micro BNC Connectors targeting smaller racks and the subsequent need for increased connections within the broadcast industry.

Among the new connectors is the HBCP-D25HD, for use with Canare’s L-2.5CHD cable. It features a solid center conductor and is used for 3GSDI to SD transmissions. Its ideally suited to withstand the rigors of field production work, where it might be more harshly treated by camera operators, techs and directors alike, the company said.

Canare’s new HBCP-D25HW connector is intended for the company’s L-2.5CHWS cable, which has a stranded center conductor. Its small form factor makes it ideal for studio applications where it can be easily concealed.

The HBCP-D33UHD connector is compatible with its L-3.3CUHD 12G-SDI cable, which is part of the company’s original 12GHz lineup. This cable features a solid center conductor, with a copper foil and copper braided shield. It is well-suited for both studio and rack-mount purposes and provides up to 12 meters of full HD signal, Canare said.

“Our Micro BNC connectors are perfect for point-to-point connections in compact rack units in studio or in mobile applications,” says Shadath Shahid, engineering manager at Canare. “BNC connectors have long been a standard in broadcast, with applications that include racks, cameras and monitors. The Micro BNC affords users with the ability to incorporate more connectors into smaller spaces, which works well with the increasing trend for smaller technological elements. Our Micro BNC connectors are also compatible with Amphenol solutions.”

The connectors also provide better than -20dB return loss performance through 4.5GHz, exceeding SMPTE specification requirements.

New broadcast video products will be on hand at the Canare booth this year. The hand-held Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable Checker is a portable tool that measures optical loss and electrical continuity. Mid-sized BNC jacks with staggered connectors that fit into a variety of sizes of rack unit panels will also be on disp

VH Connector

Most of the best gear in the world is worthless without the means to connect to other devices, so paying attention to the seemingly mundane topic of cables and connectors is important.

With the introduction of high-definition video signals operating at data rates up to 1.485Gb/s for 1080i and 2.97Gb/s for 1080p, a new generation of BNC

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