From New York Fashion Week to perfecting the nails of some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Jackie Saulsbery knows some of the best tricks in the industry. From miracle-working cuticle lotion to using lemons for turning discolored nails sparkling white, Saulsbery shares with us some inside tips to make sure your manicure is long lasting.

The essential nail tool needed is a good cuticle pusher switch. Tweezerman is my favorite; you can push the cuticle and skin back to let the nail grow straight forward for a perfect manicured look. EVERY woman should own this tool. It makes the manicure last and is my secret weapon!

To make that mani last, swipe the nail bed with alcohol before you apply a base coat because it dries the nail out and gets rid of any lotions or oil applied during your service.

When painting your nails at home, it could definitely be a task, so you want to make sure you have a great lighted area to place your hand flat so you can start applying the perfect color.

I am loving for spring/summer Gabriel Cosmetics Ephemeral Beauty collection in Moonstone. It is light, fun and I see sparkle and shine as a HUGE trend for the warm weather.

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“Queen” is an amazing soul to work for, who takes such amazing care of her team and always makes you feel comfortable. I love working with her; she is so down to earth – a great person.

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