Ten Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Feeling like the world is spinning out of control??

Me too.

In response to the current madness,  I offer my personal list (in no particular order) of ten simple things  that make me happy.

  • Kisses from a toddler
  • Walks in the woods in October
  • Gazing at a campfire
  • A purring cat curled up at my feet
  • Hot coffee on a chilly morning
  • Fireflies in July
  • A glass of wine and a good book
  • Bear hugs
  • A clear starry night
  • A pot of homemade soup

Make your own list.

It will bring a moment of sanity and peace in a world gone mad.

That’s all, folks.


Rebecca Hecking muddles through it all in northwest Pennsylvania, USA. She is the author of The Sustainable Soul: Eco-Spiritual Reflections and Practices from Skinner House Books.

About Rebecca

Natural spirituality writer, deep thinker, mom of 3, adjunct professor, resident of Earth
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