(Almost) Monday Musings: Garden as Life Metaphor

Stepping out into the garden, I feel the morning dew on my feet. The early light turns the grass to a field of sparkling diamonds. In your life, what other treasures are there, right at your feet, waiting to be discovered?

I walk past the backyard altar, and see the spider-filled seashell I told you about a couple weeks ago. In your home, is there a special sacred place? Have you spent time there lately?

Walking toward the gate, I see that the grass needs to be mowed yet again. In your day-to-day living, what needs regular attention and energy? What needs to be kept under control?

There are weeds in the basil patch of my herb circle. I bend down to pull them, digging my fingers into the dirt. If I’m not careful, some of the roots will remain, and the weed will grow back. Do you have demands and obligations that pop up like weeds, threatening to take over your time? How do you handle them?

I toss the weedy mess into the compost heap, where Mama Gaia will work her magic and turn the waste into food for next year’s garden. Can the difficult and painful experiences of your life be transformed into wisdom, compassion, and love? Is it possible for you help the process along, or is it best to let it unfold on its own?

Looking around, I see lots to harvest. I pick tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, beets, carrots, and potatoes. The onions need a little more time. I am overwhelmed by how much my little plot has produced. What do you have in abundance? Even when times are tough, what can you find? Friendship? Family? Or perhaps you have abundance from the Earth… an abundance of stars in a clear night sky? Or a wilderness that knocks you flat with its beauty?

The sun is higher now, and the dew has evaporated. The garden is alive. Even the parts that seem “dead” are in the process of transformation back to life again. It’s a microcosm of the greater whole. We are a part of it, you and I. We journey together through time and space, in our little corner of the Universe. I wish for all of us a blessed journey, a sacred path…

Note to the reader: Pardon the early post. This week is a little busier than usual. If you enjoy this blog, share it with a friend. Thank you to all for your comments. I love to read them.

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One Response to (Almost) Monday Musings: Garden as Life Metaphor

  1. plaidshoes says:

    Very much like this. We must be in a similar mind-path. I am trying to set up a sacred space within the house. After reading this, I think I will try to incorporate more from the earth.

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