Monday Musings: Touch Earth

When was the last time your bare feet touched the Earth?

Keeping our tootsies ensconced in shoes 24-7 is yet another example of the “default setting” of contemporary society that keeps us disconnected from the Earth almost automatically. Social convention (and hot pavement!) demands shoes. Disconnection is the norm. The act of taking off our shoes can become almost contemplative in itself, and can feel just a teensy bit radical.

Find a green place or a sandy place or a watery place (or even a muddy place!) and purposefully, delibrately, and with intention….take…off…those…shoes. Touch Earth. Walk around. Stand. Scrunch up your toes. Think. Allow the whole idea of being grounded (literally) dance around in your thoughts for a while. Where do those thoughts lead? Perhaps try one of the roots meditations from last Monday’s entry.

Ask yourself, what does being grounded mean to you right now at this place in your life? What is Earth saying to you?

Ruminate a while on those questions (while in bare feet of course).

Don’t just do it once. Grass feels entirely different by starlight. The answer to the above questions might be different by starlight as well.

August is here, calling for all of us to slow down, take a steam bath in the heat, and run barefoot through meadows and beaches and lawns.

Consciously and with intention, touch Earth today.


Note to readers: For Glenys and any other readers Down Under, my apologies. Tuck this away and bring it back out in February. :-) Blog follower Debra does not “tweet,” but if you do, feel free to follow my random ramblings. Or find me on Facebook. In any case, thanks for stopping by. Blessings.

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