Monday Musings: Midsummer

We have just passed the summer Solstice here in the north. I’ll write more in the larger blog entry later this week, but just for today, I am giving you an assignment. Feel free to report back as you wish. This goes for any readers “down under” as well. It is Solstice for you too. My apologies for the north-centric focus.

Today, it is “almost Solstice.” Not much has visibly changed since the weekend. Go outside this evening (or earlier if you wish), preferably to a place with a little green (backyard, park, etc…). Breathe. Breathe again. Open your mind and heart to all that is around you. What do you see?

Specifically, look at the play of light and shadow. How do the shadows fall? How high up is the sun? How late does it linger in the evening? Solstice marks the extremes of Earth’s path around the sun. From here until December, our journey is toward greater darkness (or light for those in the south).

What’s in bloom? Do you hear any natural sounds? Insects? Birds? Listen. Pause for a moment here at the edge of light, the boundary of the sun’s path. Reconnect to that deep part of yourself that remembers how to live as an awakened, alive, authentic son or daughter of Earth. Remember who you are.


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