It All Depends on Your Point of View

Like much of the United States, my corner is covered by a blanket of snow at the moment. It’s a beautiful sight. On my walk yesterday, I saw clumps of snow stuck to the northwest side of the trees where the wind had deposited them, looking like white mushrooms growing on the tree trunks. To see beauty like this requires slowing down, shifting gears from the usual pace of life, and seeing with fresh eyes. Once we do, we find ourselves open to new perspectives.  What do we see?       
To someone late to work, snow is a nuisance.     
To a child, snow is an excuse to sleep in on a weekday with no school.          
To a field mouse, snow is safety. Burrowing underneath a drift, it is protected from winter winds and the eyes of hungry predators.     
To a field, snow is a blanket, depositing a gift of nitrogen and minerals.    
To a family dog, snow is a plaything for romping.          
To a homeless cat, snow is a misery, bringing wet fur and suffering.   
To an artist, snow is the muse and a material for sculpting. 
To a homeowner, snow is a job: more to shovel, yet again.  
To a tree, snow is a burdensome weight piled onto limbs weakened by storms.    
To a glacier, snow is the future, the next generation layered onto the old.   
To a polar bear, snow is home.        
To a dreamer, snow can offer visions.  
Folk singer Peter Mayer is one such dreamer. In the song, My Soul, he uses a snowstorm as a metaphor for the universe. Each snowflake is a galaxy. He sees himself floating inside a snowflake, silent and insignificant. I invite you to drop by here and listen to this beautiful song, so perfect for a winter day. You will never look at snow the same way again.       
Note to the Reader:   This entry is “recycled” and was originally posted about a year ago.  I’m particularly busy this week.  I’ve got a film crew coming to the house on Thursday to film two video spots about creating sacred space in the home and Earth Pause meditation.  This was my publisher’s idea, and it will be quite an adventure, I’m sure.  The videos will eventually be posted here.  For now, I need to pull my house together, and tend to the many other aspects of life that don’t stop just because a film crew is showing up on my doorstep in two days.  Thanks for understanding.   I’ll be back to regular Thursday posts with something new next week.  Be well!   
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