Equinox Blessings

I’m taking a short equinox break from the “Cultivating Rhythm” series. It will return next week to touch on themes of monthly, annual, and deep lifetime rhythms.

For now, I wish you spring blessings! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we are poised on the knife-edge of the equinox, moving into the light. Our friends “down under” are also at the equinox, but for them the journey is into the dark winter time.

Right now, I think we’ve got the better end of the deal. It feels encouraging to experience longer days and more sunlight when all around us is a storm of economic doom and gloom. It’s not easy to be optimistic in these times. In my own mind, I keep returning to Wendell Berry’s phrase “the peace of the wild things, who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.”

I try to consciously seek that peace right now, and immerse myself in the mindset of the natural world, waking up from winter’s dreamtime…

I am a tree, with sap rising into my limbs, feeling new life swell and bud as the sap flows.

I am a daffodil bulb, stretching through the loamy soil and reaching upwards toward the light, living on faith that I will find it, and that it will nourish me.

I am a bird, flying to my summer home, riding warm breezes, guided by instincts I cannot understand.

I am an insect, being born into a new world, seeing green for the very first time.

I am Gaia, seeking balance, a little annoyed with my problem children, homo sapiens, who have disturbed it so abruptly, and who aren’t listening to me at all. No matter, I will find balance again, in a few millenia.

Spring Blessings.

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