Equinox: Balanced On the Edge

Here we are again:  sitting on the knife’s edge of balance, holding our collective breath, everyone together both northern and southern hemispheres. A few more days and we will swing apart again, with us in the north headed into the dreaming dark, and our friends down under journeying toward the light.  This year, our northern journey into the darkness is made a little brighter by the presence of a glorious full moon. Technically, this is a “Harvest Moon” since it is the first full moon after the equinox, quite early this year. More often than not, the Harvest Moon occurs in October.

For us in the north, we began our journey back toward darkness at the summer solstice. But back then, it didn’t seem real. The world inched toward the growing dark only a minute or two each day, and we reveled in the long days of June and July. Now, the change is palpable. Every day the darkness comes noticeably earlier than the day before. Change is upon us, swift and sure. There are life seasons like that too, don’t you think? For a time, things seem stable, then suddenly changes are afoot and we are swept along with them, ready or not. Might as well learn to enjoy the ride, and embrace the changes.

Autumn is my favorite season. After a long, sticky hot summer, I celebrate the chill in the air and the changing landscape. Where I live, the trees turn to a patchwork of gold, orange and deep crimson. Nothing is more beautiful than a sugar maple in its full fall glory silhouetted against a clear blue sky.

The growing darkness invites us to turn inward, to embrace the deeper aspects of ourselves. We look within. We dream. We incubate ideas, emotions and wishes. We ponder balance, the momentary balance between day and night, as well as balancing the many and varied elements of our lives. We ponder changes, swift or gradual. Someone once said, the only thing certain is change. Autumn reminds us of that truth, and invites us into its special grace if we can set aside our desire for things to remain the same forever (an impossible desire if there ever was one).

Autumn is here. What dreams will you nurture in the dark time? What changes are on your horizon? Spend a few moments today looking inward. Ponder balance and change. Dream deeply.
Photo Credit:  flickr user Jeff Kubina at http://www.creativecommons.org/

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One Response to Equinox: Balanced On the Edge

  1. Jodi Rogers says:

    "…the trees turn to a patchwork of gold, orange and deep crimson.", beautiful! I love that line. indeed, the crisp mornings and cool autumn breeze are always a welcome break to summer's heat.thanks for another inspiring post.

    On my end in the south, it is clear that spring is now in full swing.

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